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For the next six weekends Remy came to Psych’s place to try her best to teach her to play bass. Most of the time it went rather smoothly and she picked it all up pretty quickly like she said she would, which just made Remy’s job easier. But sometimes she didn’t get it and they’d have to go over something for almost a full hour before Psych could pick it up. At any rate, somehow the younger girl wasn’t really minding it as much anymore.
She’d never admit it, but she liked hanging out in the massive house and was even starting to like her crazy mother. Sometimes they didn’t practice down in the basement and they’d instead go to Psych’s room or hang out in the living room. Typically it was always just business like in feeling, since they never had many conversations about anything other than the guitar or something in relation to music or Remy’s band.
But today Psych sat down her guitar on her bed and stood up to stretch “Oh god, I need to give my fingers a break.” She said, wiggling them with a little pout. The bad thing about the bass guitar was that their strings are thicker than normal and can be a little hard to use if you’re use to something like an acoustic “Does that go away?” she asked the younger girl.
“Eh, eventually, after you’ve developed some thicker skin.” She told her as she sets her instrument to the side and watched her. The uncomfortable feeling of being around her wasn’t really there anymore but that didn’t keep the awkward silences from coming in on them. She was about to pick her guitar back up and just play it to pass the time when a knock came at the door.
Miece poked her head in, giving them both a bright smile before pushing the door open all the way “How’s the practicing coming, honey?”
“Oh it’s coming.” She said, giving her hands another look over before turning her eyes back up at her mother “Did you want something, Miece?” she asked and the woman went to staring up at the ceiling, tapping her finger against her cheek like she’d forgotten.
“Oh! Yeah, remember tomorrow I’m doing that VAW festival tomorrow downtown. Are you still planning on playing?”
Psych blinked and gave her a look like she was crazy “Of course I am, why wouldn’t I?” she asked and Miece looked over at Remy like that was all the reason Psych needed not to go. Psych rolled her eyes “I’m still doing it, don’t worry.”
Miece beamed and clasped her hands together in delight “Good! Good, okay, and Remy,” she looked towards the other girl who had been listening to them curiously “You’re welcome to come around too. It’s for Violence Against Woman and for every person that shows 25 cents is given to the organizations that help.” She told her before she vanished out the door to go do whatever it was she did all day.
Remy looked towards Psych “Hey, why do you call her Miece? I think most people actually call their parents, y’know, mom? Dad? Stuff like that.”
She looked back over at her and smiled a bit “It’s because she and Todd aren’t really my parents. They adopted me when I was five. I’ve always known it and I love them like they’re my parents, but after a certain age it just felt weird to call them mom and dad.” She waved her hand away casually like it wasn’t a big deal and plopped down on her bed, turning the subject before Remy could say anything about the comment “I forgot to tell you that I’d be going to that Charity event of my mom’s so there won’t be any practice tomorrow. But y’know, if you want I could pick you up and you could go with me?”
Remy sits back on the bed, letting out a breath as she thought that over. Psy and her didn’t meet outside of lessons typically. They’d run into each other in other places but they’d never hung out “Violence Against Women, huh?”
Psych nodded “Miece’s pretty adamant about stuff like this. Before Todd she’d been in an abusive relationship with her first husband.” But something about Psych’s expression and tone told the other girl that it meant quite a bit to her as well and for only a moment did Remy wonder if there was a reason for it.
“Umm, well. I guess I could go. I mean, I thought we were practicing tomorrow so I didn’t make any plans… seems like I’m suddenly free now.”  She smiled up at her and Psych returned it with a grin.
“Okay cool, I’ll pick you up on my way there. It’ll be around the afternoon… They’re gonna have game stands and a food court and competitions so you might wanna bring some cash if you can. If you can’t, well, I don’t mind help’n you out.” She told her, but Remy didn’t seem happy at the thought of being helped out like that.
“I’ll have some.” She told her before Psych sat back down and picked up her guitar to play again.

Psych honked the horn and leans over the push open the door for Remy as she came out of the house she stayed in with Alex. She greeted her with a wristband “Our names are already on the list and Miece gave me this to give to you.” She told her. Remy slipped on the bracelet, glancing back into the backseat to see Psych’s guitar case.
“You said you’re playing?” she asked, her blue eyes going back to the girl in the driver’s seat.
Psych cocked a sideways smile and nodded “It’s Miece’s way of showing me support. Whenever she helps set up a charity event she asks me to play. You’ll be okay to hang out by yourself for a few songs, right?”
“Sure, I just hope you play that better than you do bass.” She smirked and Psych faked a laugh before sticking her tongue out at her.
“You’ll be blown away, kid. Acoustic was the first thing I learned.”

They had to slow down as they entered onto a street that was teeming with people going to the event. Most of them were women, of course, but men in support of them dotted the crowd too. Psych was grumbling as they had to stop, go, stop, go a little ways, and then stop again “God I hate crowds. People are annoying.” She said and Remy couldn’t help but snort out a laugh and agree.
Finally Psych found a strip of grass that some cars had parked on and she quickly pulled up to take a spot at the end. Only vehicles with four wheel drive could get in and out of here. She climbed out, grabbing her guitar out of the back before she met Remy around the front of the jeep “Got your phone on ya? Just in case we get separated.” She said and she gave a thumbs up when the girl pulled out her phone to show she had it.
They walked into the crowd, Remy grabbing ahold of the back of Psych’s shirt as the two of them weaved throughthem. Their first course of action was to find Miece who said she’d be around the food court helping to run one of the drink stands. It was like finding Waldo with how thick the crowd was but eventually they found the food court and Psych jumped up on one of the picnic tables, which had people giving her weird looks, and scouted until she saw a woman waving towards her. She jumped down and led Remy to the stand.
They went around to the side and waited while her mother finished serving a few customers. When she was done she turned and shook her head at her daughter “People eat on those tables, y’know.”
“And birds shit on them too.” She counters, causing the older woman to smile.
She grabbed a pair of cups and filled them with ice “Tell me what you wanna drink, Remy.” Miece said, filling the cup with Mountain Dew after Psych’s companion hesitantly told her. She filled the other with water and handed it to Psych, who pouted “Ain’t nothing better to drink before singing than water.” She said.
She didn’t argue though, just took a drink and looked around “Where’s the stage at?” she asked. Miece pointed towards the park, which was only a little ways away.
“Just follow the music and you’ll get there.” She told her and Psych raised her cup up in thanks. She motions with her head to Remy that they were taking off, heading along a sidewalk that wound its way towards the speakers that were playing the new pop hits of the month. They were standing next to a gazebo which was set up with seats in front of it. Psych went around the back of it where a boy was sitting in a chair in front of a laptop that was hooked up into the system.
Psych came up behind him, setting her guitar against the side of the structure before slapping her hands down on his shoulders. He jumped up and turned to face her, looking like he just shit himself “GODDAMN IT PSYCH.” He screamed and she stepped back, laughing hard at how he’d reacted.
Remy had met the boy only once before when she’d run into Psych a few days ago but she couldn’t recall the name she’d been given when they’d been quickly introduced “You remember, Neno, right Remy?” she said and quickly she acted as if she’d never forgotten.
“Sure do,” she laughed quietly, deeply amused by his fear “You better watch yourself, Psy, he’s got a look of vengeance in his eyes.” She said.
Psych snorted and as Neno stood from his seat she hugged him “Nah, I’m not too worried. Retaliation on me would be a bad idea and he knows it.” She said and he sighed, shaking his head slowly.
“Nice to see you again, Remy. Psych said you’d be com’n along.” He gives her a nice little smile before he turned his attention back on his friend “Everything’s pretty much set up for ya, Psy. You just need to sit down and play.” He told her and she nodded, grabbing her guitar and hopping over the railing into the gazebo.  Neno sat back down in front of the laptop and shut down the music, turning his attention to Psych as she sat on a stool and pulled out her Breedlove acoustic.
Remy went around to the front and found a chair close by to sit back and listen. Around her some of the people who’d noticed her were stopping to listen, watching as Psych tested out the strings to make sure everything was right. Finally she adjusted the microphone that was in front of her and cleared her throat, taking one last drink of her water before she handed the cup over to Neno.

Her fingers moved effortless over the strings as she started playing, her eyes down and everything about her focusing solely on the instrument in her hands. She was right; Remy was impressed.
She glanced up for only a moment, her eyes searching the crowd and falling on Remy, the person she knew, before she started to sing “Hey girl, y’know,  you drive me crazy! One look puts the rhythm in my hand! Still I'll never understand why you hang around; I see what's going down.” She was doing a cover of Face Down. She’d told Remy before that she didn’t really write her own music, which she hadn’t judged against. Sometimes the Underdogs did covers too.
Psych would never say she had a good singing voice but honestly she wasn’t that bad. It had a Taylor Momsen, Hayley Williams kind of sound to it; Maybe a little less rough. She played and sang, her eyes mostly staying downwards but occasionally flicking up to Remy “I see the way you go and say you're right again, say you're right again, Heed my lecture!”
The song was appropriate, really, but eventually it was over and Psych went on to singing other songs. It was interesting watching her play, watching the expressions she made, and seeing the passion that lit up her features as she strummed the notes and sang the lyrics. Remy suddenly wondered why the hell Psych wasn’t in a band. Her mind went back to the night in at the Music Club when Psych had told her that she’d had multiple opportunities offered to her and wondered why she’d turn them down. She was good enough to at least have a chance at making it, for sure. She decided she’d ask her after she finished preforming.
It was amusing listening to some of the songs she was playing. Songs one would typically think weren’t meant to be acoustic. Guess that’s what made her so good though, was her ability to take a pop song and turn the generally digital beat into an acoustic rhythm. She couldn’t wait to tell the others about this.

She finished up with a song by Paramore about 20 minutes later and stood, waving towards the small cluster of people that had gathered to watch and listen. Neno quickly restarted the music up with his laptop while Psych put away her guitar and guzzled down the rest of her water. She left it with him before she found her away towards Remy, standing in front of her and offering her a hand to help her up “Told you I was damn good.” She smirked.
“Psych, I think your ego is showing. You might wanna do something about that.” She grinned; laughing quietly when the older girl mockingly freaked out and tried to cover herself “So what now?” she asked her when Psych went back to smirking like a bitch.
“Ah well, I normally just leave, but since I’m in the presence of someone as glorious as you I might as well go impress the hell outta you some more.” She told her. Remy half rolled her eyes before the two of them took off towards the side of the park that held the game stands.
Most of them were the typical types of stands where you threw a ball or a dart and hoped you had lucky aim. Psych found a token machine and slipped in a five dollar bill that in return gave her back ten tokens. Remy did the same and soon enough they were finding their way to the row of Skeeball lanes “So, you said you’d be giving our band a recommendation, right?”
Psych looked over at her as she was kneeling down to slip in a pair of tokens to receive her line of balls “Yeah, in fact I’ve already contacted a few of those people, so tell your friends to be at the top of their game for the next few shows.” She told her, standing with one of the skeeballs in her hand. She sent it up, getting it in the 40 mark and bent down to get another one “Why’d you ask?”
“Why didn’t you take the offers?” she hadn’t yet put her tokens in. She had her arms crossed over her as she watched Psych, her eyes following the next ball up as it went into the 50 mark.
Psych stopped for a moment, lowering the ball to her side as she looked over at Remy “I don’t know,” she shrugged, halfway smiling “I’ve never put much thought into making a real living off of my musical skills. I don’t have a band to back me up… though they offered to help me with that.” She just shook her head and sent the third ball up, getting another fifty mark “Maybe someday, but right now I prefer just to play at my own leisure.” She said.
Remy nodded slowly, understanding where she was coming from before she finally put in her tokens and started on her own game. By the time the two finished, Psych had raked up enough points for a large prize and Remy had enough for a medium.  Psych picked out a huge stuffed Yoshi while Remy just took a purple shark with black stripes covering it. They then made their way to a dart throwing game, leaving with a small prize each, before Psych stopped at a type of “Test of Strength” game. Instead of taking a mallet and trying to hit the bell at the top this one had a padded pressure plate you needed to punch and the strength of your hit decided what prize you got.
She set her stuff down and pulled out the three tokens it needed and handed them to the person running it. He was staring at her in amusement, most likely thinking that a skinny thing like her wasn’t going to be winning anything. Remy was just shaking her head “You’re totally wasting your time on this one, Psych. Only beefy guys can win at these.” She told her.
Psych glanced back at her and winked before she loosens herself up. She drew back her fists, doing fake hits at the air like she was socking a punching bag before she finally strikes out, hitting hard with a right hook. The machine dings above, getting in the medium sized prize range. The man in charge was staring with wide eyes “Oh damn, girl.” He grinned before motioning to the line of medium prizes “Wanna go again?” he asked.
She shook her head “Nah, I don’t want to abuse the machine too much. It might end up getting me charged for assault.” She smirked before she picked out a grey dog.
Remy looked at her like she’d just done something nuts “Remind me never to piss you off. Damn, where’d that come from?” she leans down and picks up Psych’s smaller prize, deciding she’d help carry it.
She simply shrugged it off like it was nothing “Todd owns a gym. I used to have major anger issues and violent fits and I’d take it out on the trees in our backyard… he finally got me to go and direct my rage at the punching bags instead. I could give you a boxing lesson sometime if you want.”
“Haha, I might take you up on that one day.” She said, but really she didn’t intend to keep that word.

The two of them blew off blowing their last tokens and headed back to the food court to sit at the table closest to Psych’s mom. They had her watch their stuff while they grabbed a bite to eat and explored the rest of the Charity fair. They wasted another hour before picking up their stuff, Psych’s baby from Neno, and heading back to the car “Y’know, I’m not much of a stuffed animal person…” Remy said as she shoved her things in the back with the rest of the prizes and Psych’s guitar.
Psych shook her head “I’m not either, I’ll probably just give the shit I won to Joey.” And Remy instantly lit up at the idea.
“Oh! He can have mine too; tell him it’s a gift from the Remy.” Psych nodded, giving her an approving grin before she slipped into the front seat.
She drove Remy home, relieved when they escaped the traffic jam of people. God she hated people, but while taking a different route towards the girl’s home, they ended up running into a different kind of road block. A line of people were crossing in front of them and Psych frowned as she slowed to a stop to let them pass, but her frown turned to a look of “what the fuck” when she saw just who these people were. Most were boys dressed in extreme drag. A few waved at them with winks and blown kisses and beside her Remy just started to burst out laughing “Oh lord, night made!” She said as Psych shook her head.
“Man, Wonder which ones Neno.” She smirked after she regained her composer and Remy looked over at her with a snort.
“You tease him about that a lot, don’t you? Is he really…?” But Psych shook her head, amusement still lingering in her features as the last of the parade passed across and into the building to the left of her.
“Nah, but for as long as I’ve known him, which is a pretty long ass time, he’s never once had a girlfriend… at least not one I’ve ever known about. So he deserves all of the gay jokes I can dish out.” She told her and Remy nodded in complete understanding of that.
But then she asked a question that made Psych stamp a little on the brake, which made her thankful there wasn’t really anyone else on the street “Have you ever dated a chick?”
“What?! No, no, not me,” Psych was staring at her with huge eyes, wondering what made her think something like that. It took a few moments before she began to relax again and she tried to laugh it off “I’ve only ever dated two people and they could both be rendered disabled with a swift kick between the knees.” She snorted, looking forward and pressing on the gas again. In order to regain herself a little more, she laughed and casts a coy look over at the girl in her passenger sear “Why, kid, were you planning on asking me out?” she cooed.
Remy had found how she’d reacted to the question interesting, but then she’d turned it around on her and her eyes grew wide “Hell no! I was just wondering. You looked like that type.” She scoffed, frowning hard.
“And you could be called a dyke, so I guess we’re even?” and when Remy gave a nod everything went back to normal in the air between them… mostly. Psych was still reeling over being asked if she dated chicks. She’d never thought about it before, really, and it unsettled her to think that she could admittedly see herself doing it. She shook her head, willing the thought away as she turned up her music to drown it out with the noise.

She pulled up to Remy’s place, looking back at the stuffed animals as she does so “Sure you don’t wanna take one of them?” she asked. Remy shook her head, casting a look back there before she looked back at Psych “If I go in carrying a stuffed animal Alex is going to assume something that’s not true.” She told her and Psych grinned.
“Good point. Well alright then, I’ll catch you next week… or, hey,” Remy stopped and looked back at her “Maybe this Thursday you might consider ditch’n school and coming to my place? Gonna be turn’n 19.” She told her, looking pretty pleased with herself as she did.
Remy blinked and considered it, only taking a few seconds before she nodded “Yeah, alright. That sounds cool.” She said before she shut the door and headed inside. Psych watched after her for a moment, smiling a little to herself as she did. Then she realized she was smiling and stopped it, turning her music up a little louder before heading back home.

She tossed her keys onto her bed, running her fingers through her hair as she twirled and fell back on the mattress next to them. She just laid there for several moments, her hands covering her face as she tried to shut down her thoughts. Why in the hell was that question lingering in her mind still? Psych had never looked at a girl and thought “Jesus, I’d do that.” But for some odd reason that thought just couldn’t appear unpleasant to her… but that fact that it didn’t made her feel that way. She lets out a breath, making a roaring noise in her throat before she jumped back up, grabbed a towel from the hallway, and headed into the bathroom that connected to her room. She locked her bedroom door and left the bathroom open, turning her music system up loud. Todd was still at the gym and Miece wouldn’t be home for another couple hours, so she had the freedom to blare it as loud as she wanted.
She turned on the water and undressed with the hopes that the hotness of the shower would calm her down. But it just didn’t seem to help it. And when a cute song with lyrics that weren’t helping this situation came on… well she just gave up altogether and decided to just seriously think about it. She’d only ever had two serious relationships before… one with a boy she hated thinking about when she was 16 and another more recently with a boy named Vade. He’d been a guitarist she’d met while taking Joey on a play date to the beach. It’d been really nice at first and she’d thought he was noth’n but perfect. But then a few months into the relationship passed and she realized he was just a jerk. She’d socked him a good one and left… and that was just earlier in the year. But just because her only relationships had been with boys didn’t mean…? She shook her head. Like she’d thought earlier, she’d never met a girl who she saw in the same way she had the guys. But maybe it was because she had ever put thought into it? And then her mind went to Remy and she suddenly felt like she’d be cool dating someone like that, girl or not.
She snorted and shook her head “No Psych, shut up. You’re straight as a line.” She told herself as she finished up in the shower and stepped out. She rubbed herself down with a towel as she left the bathroom, stopping in front of the mirror by pure ritual. She stared at herself, drying her hair and body at the same time, before tossing the towel down and looking back at the thin, well-toned body in front of her. She moved her hand down to her left thigh, frowning hard at her reflection.
Psych didn’t come off as someone with appearance issues… she was too cocky most of the time to give someone that impression, but as she stood and stared at herself, stared at the scars that lined her thighs, a look of pure disdain held on her features “Those fuckers,” She hissed, her mind going back to a darker place and time. She’d thought about the first boy, the boy who’d saved her from those dark, dark days.
She finally tore her gaze away and left the reflection in the mirror, not wanting to look at the horrible scars that were left on her upper legs from having her skin sliced away by a blade. It just made her sick looking at them. She instead grabbed her blow dryer to dry out her hair before she collapsed on her bed, not even bothering to put any kind of clothing on.

The kiss was unimaginably amazing. Psych felt her heart racing madly in her chest as she pushed the warm body down onto the bed, pinning it. She placed her lips against their neck, nipping so lightly at the skin and smiling to herself when she heard the reaction that rose from her partner’s throat. She slipped her fingers into hair, gripping and pulling back to expose even more of the flesh on the neck. A gasp escaped but was soon replaced by much sweeter sounds as her lips closed just between the chin and the jaw line, sucking lightly in an attempt to leave her mark on the skin. Everyone would know that this belonged to her. She felt fingers on her back, nails digging into her skin before she heard her name “Oh Psy…” and the voice… Psych suddenly couldn’t remember who it was she was with. She leans up, moving a hand to the person’s cheek to guide it back down. The face she saw she couldn’t place, but the features were delicate and soft and she realized that, oh god, this was a chick. She leans back, straddling whoever this was and looking down at her with wide eyes “Why are you stopping?” and though she couldn’t place the face, the voice sounded familiar and all of her mind could think of was…

Her gold eyes flashed open and she instantly looked to see what time it was. Her phone told her it was just a little after 5:30 in the morning and she cursed herself. She sat up, holding her head as she looked around her dark room. She remembered she hadn’t put any clothes on before sleeping and she forced herself to get up and at least put some underwear on. The dream was still wearing extremely heavy on her mind. She dragged her hands down her face and went into the bathroom to splash cold water on it before she even dared fall back into bed, staring up at the ceiling as her mind thought about one thing; Remy.
I kinda love this chapter. Ahahahaha, WOO. Lets see if I can get three done now.
I might use this picture for all of them, but I might even up changing it every few chapters too. Mmmm.

If you point out my typos and mistakes I'll love you, so don't be afraid to do so.
I'm not an excellent writer by any means. I'm just wanting to write this for my own enjoyment so it's mostly halfassed and fast paced.

Psych can't sleep naked or she dreams of bad things.

Might rewrite the last section of this. Iddddk.

Chapter 1 - [link]
Chapter 3 -

Psych, Miece, Todd, Joey, and Neno belong to me
Remy an Alex belong to :icon1gwenfan:

Some aspects of the story will not be considered cannon as I don't know everything about Peyton's characters and I could very well have them say or do something that they might not ever do In Character. This is supposed to be sort of a backstory between how Psych and Remy met.
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This is super good. Although the "I never really thought about liking chicks but now all of a sudden I am and I'm freaked out at myself for it" is kind of cliché. :XD: It's all very fluid and nice though, great job!
Cosmic-Corruption Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I know it's cliche. Ahahahaha, but I'm a cliche person and not much of a story writer. -sobs-
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The only way to get better is to practice, my dear ;)
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Eh, I don't feel the need to practice my writing. I do it so rarely that it's not important to me. <:
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